Transforming the volunteer experience

To give more young people skills for life, we need more volunteers.

In 2018, we agreed our Skills for Life strategy. Now we want to make volunteering with Scouts easier and more fun, so we can attract and retain more volunteers to help more young people gain skills for life. 

Since 2018, we’ve spoken to more than 10,000 people inside and outside of our movement. People told us we need to be more welcoming and make volunteering feel positive, so it’s not like more work. We need our learning to be engaging and create useful digital tools to help get things done. ​ 

Currently, volunteering at Scouts doesn’t always suit how people want to volunteer. They want to volunteer flexibly, by committing the time they have and being part of a team.

We believe changing these key focus areas will help us:

  • Recruit more volunteers and retain current ones
  • Make volunteering at Scouts feels rewarding for everyone
  • Consistently and safely deliver a better programme