Queens Scout Award

The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest honour in Scouting and is awarded for outstanding personal achievement. This honour is achieved by young people aged between 16 and 25 who have completed a range of challenges, which includes service to their community, completing an expedition in wild country, undertaking a five-day residential project in an unfamiliar environment and learning a new skill or developing an existing talent.

Queen’s Scout Award (16+ years)

In addition to the completing your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award you need to complete the following:

  • Be a member of Explorer Scouts/Scout Network for at least 18 months (this can include time spent working on the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards).
  • Complete eighteen nights away, twelve of which must be camping (this can include nights away counted for the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards).
  • Complete two activities as an Explorer Scout/Scout Network member from the lists available in www.scouts.org.uk/ive (each should be from a different list and not the same activities as those undertaken for the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards).
  • On completion of the above a presentation should be made to a suitable audience, this should demonstrate your achievements so far in working towards the Queen’s Scout Award.

Further information and a participant’s guide can be downloaded from www.scouts.org.uk/qsa.


The Queen’s Scout working Party (QSWP)

The QSWP is a national Scout Active Support Unit and membership only open to those who have gained their Queen’s Scout Award. More information about the QSWP and how to join can be found on their website.

The Queen’s Scout Working Party website


Oxfordshire's 2016 Queens Scout Awards Holders