Awards Day 2024

Awards Day 2024 will take place at Youlbury Scout Adventure on Saturday 11th May 2024.

Leader information

We will be inviting every young person nominated since March 2023 to join us for this special day.

What are the key dates for Awards Day 2024?

15th March 2024 – submission deadline for nominations. We are unable to except any changes after this point.

18th March 2024 – invites will be sent during this week

12th April 2024 – RSVP deadline for parents. In replying they must confirm attendance, all no replies will be classed as not attending. No late responses will be considered. They will also be asked to check the spelling of their child’s name.

Our process chart can be downloaded, which demonstrates why we are unable extend any of the above deadlines. This can be downloaded here.

The nomination form will remain open after 15th March 2024 – all nominations received after this date will be invited to attend to the 2025 Awards Day.

Why do I need to nominate my young people?

Without your nominations we are unable to invite young people to the awards day celebrations. Please help us to see as many young people at the day by letting your parents know to expect invites from us and reminding them of the deadlines above.

Our annual awards day is focused on celebrating young people for their continued and committed efforts in achieving their award. It also provides them the opportunity to be recognised alongside their friends and take part in activities across Youlbury Scout Adventure site.

I have lots of people to nominate, is there an easier way to nominate them all at once?

Yes, click here to download the multiple nominations form. All multiple nomination forms have to be submitted here by March 15th 2024. Nominations received after this date will be carried forward to the 2025 awards day celebrations.

How do I know who has yet to accept their invite?

We will send a report confirming all nominations after 18th March 2024 to Group Scout Leaders and District Commissioners. Due to the moving nature of responses, we cannot provide details of parents that have not responded.

Please do remind parents about invitations leading up to the respond deadline of 12th April 2024.

There are members of my section who can’t attend – do they still get their certificate and woggle?

Yes, we will post out certificates and woggles to each Group Scout Leader to ensure everyone invited to Awards Day 2024 receives their woggle and personalised certificate.

Parent information

To celebrate the achievements of more than 1700 young people and adults from across Oxfordshire, Awards day will be taking place at Youlbury Scout Adventure on Saturday 11th May 2024.

You will receive an invite for your child the week commencing 18th March 2024. If you don’t receive an invite but are expecting one, please get in touch with us here. Sometimes incorrect or out of date contact details are provided for the invites.

Please let us know whether you are planning to attend the County Awards Day or not by Midnight Friday 12th April 2024. We cannot accept any responses after this date.

On the day we will present every young person with a commemorative certificate and woggle during a award ceremony. Your child will also be able to take part in a range of activities on site. You will be given an arrival time which you need to adhere to otherwise you may miss your ceremony. Your arrival time will be notified once we have final numbers for the day. Your session at our Awards Day will be a maximum of 3 hours.

Please note, Youlbury Scout Adventure is a camp site with uneven ground. Whilst the area for the ceremony is close to the entrance, activities will be across held across a wide area. If you need any support for the site please let us know either in advance or on arrival on the day.