Why join Scouts?

Oxfordshire Scouts is a hub for all Scout organisations based within Oxfordshire, we are part of the Scouts and are a values-based organisation. We’re passionate about encouraging all children in and around the County to join and have fun at Scouts. More information about our key values can be found here.

You’re probably wondering if The Scouts is the right fit for your child. Will they make friends? Will they enjoy it? Is it worth the time?

For some children, joining The Scouts can be nerve-racking, but that feeling never lasts long! They, like many others, enjoy making new friends, being active and building skills for life.

At Oxfordshire Scouts, we accept and embrace every young person that comes to us. We help them to flourish in a fun, adventurous and co-operative environment.

Skills for life

At Oxfordshire Scouts, we aim to give children the skills they need for adulthood. We’ll help your child build teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills in a fun, active and safe environment.

Let’s get active

We’re surrounded by screens – phones, televisions, and iPads. Sometimes, it’s nice for children to get out, get active and make new friends. We do this through physical activities such as mountaineering, abseiling and archery. We also have activities like dance, drama and comedy sketches

Build confidence

We believe every child, no matter who they are, should feel confident in themselves and their abilities. We understand that all children are different, and we aim to help them be happy, well-rounded people.

Make friends

One of the best things about joining scouts is making new friends! Many children have gone on to keep their scouting friends for a lifetime. We encourage teamwork and leadership, so not only are your children building these skills they’re making new friends too.

Join us

Contact us to register your child to join Scouts in your area.

Where are we?

We are active in over 150 different locations throughout Oxfordshire.