The Board of Trustees

  • The County Executive Committee are responsible for the management of the County's finances and assets, and provide administrative support to Scouting across Oxfordshire.

  • The Committee assembles in full four times a year, with sub-committees meeting in the interim. The County's finances are presented at the Annual General Meeting in July.

  • To contact a member of the County Executive, please click on the yellow button on the left..

Download the AGM 2017 Minutes Click to download

  • John May

  • County Chairman

  • Ben Smith

  • County Treasurer

  • Michelle Cox

  • County Secretary

  • Phil Earl

  • County Commissioner

  • Hannah Venn

  • County Youth Commissioner

  • Ashley Falkner

  • County Youth Commissioner

  • Dawn Jeffs

  • County Trustee

  • Shaun Kendall

  • County Trustee


  • Alec Stanworth

  • County Trustee

  • Paul Thompson

  • County Trustee

  • David Eaton

  • County Trustee

  • Sarah Joyner

  • County Trustee


  • Jacqui Gadd

  • County Trustee

  • Kirsten Phipps Get

  • County Trustee

  • Gill Attree

  • County Trustee


Oxfordshire County Scout Council Policies 

Great governance is a priority for Oxfordshire Scouts. We often get asked about policies and procedures. Below are our policies:

Conflict of Interest – view here

Bribery policy – view here

Mini bus and trailer grants policy – view here

Investment policy – view here