Growing Scouting

New section grants

Each new section that opens in Oxfordshire will receive £250 new section grant towards running the section. More information on the grant can be found here.

Each Scout District in Oxfordshire provides a small start-up grant to groups – this usually matches the county grant.

The Regional Support Team has limited access to additional funding (from government departments and charities) for new groups that meet specific criterion.

Recruitment tools

The Scout Association has an extensive collection of tools to help support scouting growth available on their website here.

These resources include help and information on recruitment methods that have been proven to be effective such as:

  • How to run a four-week challenge
  • Family rotas
  • Family surveys
  • Family camps
  • Creating a vacancy board
  • Adult talks

Local growth support

Help and support to grow Scouting is available from your local Scout District. We are happy to help with planning and supporting growth for new groups and units. This involves planning meetings, sharing ideas, co-ordinating support from the Regional Support Team and running recruitment workshops and open evenings.