Scout Active Support (SAS)

Our Scout Active Support (SAS) units can support groups and district with events and programme support.


Oxchefs primary role is to provide a catering facility for volunteers supporting events. They can also be found providing refreshments at events where the public are present.

Event Fairies

Event Fairies provide staff and technical knowledge in order to maintain the logistics at major events.

Gang Show SAS

Gang Show SAS members provide the “behind the scenes” infrastructure that is required to support the cast in order to make the show the success it is. There are numerous roles covering costume, make up, chaperones, sound and front of house. This list is not exhaustive.

First Aid Events SAS

Whilst all leaders have a basic first aid knowledge certain events call for a higher level of first aid expertise. Members of this group have a higher qualification level and are able to provide first aid cover to enable specific events to take place.

Mountaineering SAS

The Mountaineering SAS provides training and support to adult volunteers and young people who are looking to increase their mountaineering skills.