Adult Training

We provide our adult volunteers with the tools and tips to feel trained, supported and happy in your role. Discover the training to build on existing skills and knowledge and develop new competencies. Volunteers are the heart of the Scouts and we want you to get every bit as much out of it as you put in.

We know that Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of our volunteers. To support Scout volunteers, you are required to complete a training programme made up of mandatory, role specific and ongoing learning. The training programme builds on your existing skills and knowledge and some elements count towards externally recognised awards.

To help individuals through the process of completing this training they will be linked with one or more Training Advisers. Training Advisers are responsible for helping adults match their existing skills with those of their new role, for identifying skills gaps, for agreeing plans for gaining the required skills and for confirming that those skills have been successfully gained.

Getting Started (initial training for everyone)

Getting Started is made up of six modules which must be completed before an adult can be fully appointed. There is a seventh module for Executive Committee members / trustees.

Getting Started needs to be completed within five months of the role start date, as recorded on Compass.

Wood Badge (further role specific training)

Once a learner has completed Getting Started, they will move on to completing all the training relevant to their role. For some roles a Wood Badge will need to be completed.

In the UK, Scouting training is tailored to an adult’s appointment, and therefore not all appointments are required to work towards a Wood Badge. There are a number of different routes to achieving the Wood Badge, based on an adult’s appointment, and these are outlined in more detail later in this resource. An adult is required to complete their Wood Badge within three years of their full appointment.

Mandatory ongoing learning

Although the ongoing learning hours a learner is required to complete each year can be any number of things, there are also some specific ongoing learning requirements which members must complete. Any member who holds an appointment for which Safety and Safeguarding training is completed as part of Getting Started is required to keep it up to date. This training must be renewed every three years.

Change of role

It’s not unusual for an adult to change roles in Scouting. If you have completed your training under the current Adult Training Scheme, you may need to revalidate some elements to ensure that you have the correct skills and knowledge for your new role. Other elements will not need to be revalidated.