Wood Badge

Further role specific training

Once you’ve completed Getting Started, you will move on to completing all the training relevant to your role. For some roles a Wood Badge will need to be completed.

The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia awarded to adults by Headquarters to denote completion of the training required for their role. The Wood Badge consists of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with Scout uniform.

In the UK, Scouting training is tailored to an adult’s appointment, and therefore not all appointments are required to work towards a Wood Badge. There are a number of different routes to achieving the Wood Badge, based on an adult’s appointment. An adult is required to complete their Wood Badge within three years of their full appointment.

The Module Matrix

The Module Matrix provides a summary of all the learning that makes up the Adult Training Scheme. The Matrix has five sections:

  • Getting Started training
  • Training for All Appointments
  • Section Leaders and Section Supporters training including sections of learning on ‘The Programme’ and ‘The People’
  •  Manager and Supporter training
  • Supplementary modules

The Module Matrix is colour coded to give you an indication of the roles which are likely to benefit from the training. The Matrix also provides delivery methods and a guide to each modules content. The Matrix is only a summary of the scheme and you should refer to the Minimum Module Requirements section for more information on the training requirements for specific roles.

You are encouraged to look at other modules within the scheme that may be relevant to your role but do not make up the minimum requirements for your appointment. These modules may be completed in addition to the minimum requirements, or as Ongoing learning. For ease of reference, the modules are referred to in colour groups relating to the Module Matrix.

Getting started only

A Wood Badge route is not available for these appointments but Essential Information (01), Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR must be completed. Trustee Introduction must also be completed for those who are members of Executive Committees / are Trustees.

  • Administrator
  • Adviser
  • Chair
  • Communications Manager
  • District Explorer Scout Administrator
  • Executive Committee Member (Group, District or County)
  • Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme
  • Queen’s Scout Award Co-ordinator
  • Scout Network Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Skills Instructor
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Chair
  • Supporter of the Nights Away Permit Scheme
Getting started and additional modules

A Wood Badge route is not available for these appointments but Essential Information (01), Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR must be completed together with the additional module(s) stated:

RoleAdditional training
Training administratorSupporting local learning (30)
Local training administratorSupporting local learning (30)
Training adviserAssessing learning training adviser (25)
Nights away adviserAssessing learning Nights Away (26)
Activity assessorAssessing learning adventurous activities (25)
Scout show assessorAssessing learning Scout shows (25)
TrainerInstructing practical skills (27), Facilitating (28) and/or Presenting (29) (depending on role description)
Appointment advisory committee memberAdvising on adult appointments (37)
Appointment advisory committee chairAdvising on adult appointments (37)
Appointments secretaryAdvising on adult appointments (37)
Assistant appointments secretaryAdvising on adult appointments (37)
Scout Active Support member*See note below
Scout Active Support coordinator*See note below

Those holding roles within a Scout Active Support Unit, including Scout Active Support Member, Scout Active Support Co-ordinator and Scout Active Support Manager should complete, as well as the training indicated above, those modules of the training scheme which are relevant to the nature of their role in the Unit which they belong to. This could include Module 3: Tools for the Role, Module 12a: Delivering a Quality Programme, Module 17: Running Safe Activities, or any other relevant module(s). The service agreement for a Scout Active Support Unit will outline the support provided by the Unit and will help to determine which training will be relevant for its members.

Getting Started and optional Wood Badge

A Wood Badge is available for these appointments but is not obligatory. However, Essential information (01), Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) (03) must be completed.

  • Section Assistant
Getting started and Section Leader Wood Badge

A Wood Badge is obligatory for these appointments and requires all green and grey modules on the Module Matrix to be completed:

  • Beaver Scout Leader
  • Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
  • Cub Scout Leader
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader
  • Scout Leader
  • Assistant Scout Leader
  • Explorer Scout Leader
  • Assistant Explorer Scout Leader
  • Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader)
  • County Leader
  • District Leader
  • County Leader (Section)
  • District Leader (Section)
Getting Started and Manager & Supporter Wood Badge

A Wood Badge is obligatory for these appointments and all green, blue and red sections on the Module Matrix.

  • Group Scout Leader
  • Deputy Group Scout Leader
  • District Commissioner
  • Deputy District Commissioner
  • District Youth Commissioner
  • County Commissioner
  • Deputy County Commissioner
  • County Youth Commissioner
  • District Leader
  • County Leader

Manager and Supporter training is ran by the region and can be booked here.

For some appointments, there are supplementary modules which must also be completed as stated below:

RoleAdditional training
County Training ManagerPlanning a learning provision (33), Managing a learning provision (34)
Local Training Manager (depending on role description)Supporting local learning (30),Planning a learning provision (33) and/or Managing a learning provision (34)
District Explorer Scout CommissionerRunning safe activities (17), International (19)
District Scout Network CommissionerRunning safe activities (17), International (19)
Assistant District Commissioner (Section)Running safe activities (17), International (19)
Assistant County Commissioner (Section)Running safe activities (17), International (19)
Assistant County Commissioner (Scout Network)Running safe activities (17), International (19)
Assistant District Commissioner (non-sectional)Other modules as relevant to role
Assistant County Commissioner (non-sectional)Other modules as relevant to role
Scout Active Support ManagerOther modules as relevant to role

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Training Modules

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